The end of Minecraft

As you saw on my last article, Sean Parker went to visit us at Mojang’s office yesterday and we had a great time ! Sean invited three of us along to fly to London with his private jet to go to a party. We spent a nice time at this party where we met a lot of interesting people. That was really awesome and I enjoyed it.

Back at the office, we talked with Sean about our company, and our main game : Minecraft.

After a really long discussion, we finally came to an agreement. I no longer own Mojang AB, and Sean is now the society’s chief executive officer and holds all the rights on the games we made, this include both Minecraft and Scrolls.

Apparently, he wants to stop minecraft developpement and focus more on Scrolls (our lastest game) to make money selling virtual cards.

I’m sorry for everyone who believed in our company and I’d like to thanks everyone who followed us in this adventure.

posted 3 years ago